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Blitzkrieg Tactical 5.56 or .308 AR-15 Flash Can Muzzle Device Regular or Slim
In Stock and Ready to ship.
This comes in two models; the regular and slim versions.

Made from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum our flash can is a single piece muzzle device that re-directs the muzzle flash, gases and concussion forward, away from the shooter. The flash can is type III hard coat anodized.
The flash can has 3/4 wrench flats.

We offer the flash can with multiple thread options for different calibers.

1/2x28 (Typically for .223/5.56 firearms)
5/8x24 (Typically for .308/7.62x51/300BO firearms)
14mmx1mmLH (Typically for AK-47s)
1/2x36 (Typically for 9mm ARs)

Length: 3.25"

Outside Diameter:
-Regular 1.360"
-Slim: 1.200"

Regularly: $29.99
Price: $22.99
Caliber/Thread Pitch
I understand that due to current market demand that my order may take 4-6 business days to ship.
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