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Blitzkrieg Tactical "Proclamator™" Complete 10.5" Key Mod Pistol Upper Receiver
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Teddy Roosevelt once said, "Walk softly and carry a big stick". We asked why? AR pistols speak pretty loudly and aren't that big of a stick. There is nothing too loud about the Proclamator™ upper, it re-directs the concussion and sound forward which is ideal when you have an 10.5" barrel.

Built to last and make a statement, the Proclamator™ will fulfill your AR Pistol needs.

QPQ: This is an extreme case hardening process which turns the steel black and hardens the surface of the steel and extends the life of the product. QPQ stands for Quench Polish Quench. This process is now commonly used in the industry.

TEST FIRE: Most other companies do not test fire their products, and if they do it is usually a "lot" test. We test fire each and every upper. We shoot three shots and do so in rapid succession. Test firing allows us to be confident that the upper we are sending you is ready to go out of the box. We do our test fires dry and recommend that you lubricate your upper prior to shooting it.

Upper: Blitzkrieg Tactical Forged 7075 Mil-Spec
Gas System: Carbine Length (Low Profile Steel Gas Block)
Bolt Carrier Group: Blitzkrieg Tactical Nickel Boron, W/ Mil-Spec/full auto Carrier
Charging Handle: Extended Latch Billet 6061
Muzzle Device: Slimline Flash Can
Barrel: 5.56 Chamber, 10.5", 1:7, 4150v, QPQ Treated (Ideal for 62grain)
Hand Guard: Slim Key Mod 11.4" Free Float Hand Guard
Regularly: $749.99
Price: $649.99
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