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Blitzkrieg Tactical, Super Slim, 17" M-LOK 5.56/.223/300BO Handguard
Currently OUT OF STOCK
Currently OUT OF STOCK

Tired of dealing with hand guard manufactures who over charge for sub-standard rails, we got to work. This rail is the first in our "Super Slim" line of hand guards for the AR platform.

The Super Slim rail utilizes the M-LOK attachment system which is the newest most cutting edge attachment system on the market as it allows for secure installation and removal of accessories without having to remove the rail from the upper receiver. The inside diameter of this hand guard is 1.18"

Our steel barrel nut and attachment system is one of the characteristics that make this hand guard unique and stand out when compared to other rails on the market. The inside of our hand guard is properly bored to ensure a tight fit between the barrel nut and hand guard. This allows us to use a shorter barrel nut which cuts out a lot of total weight of the hand guard system that comes from the barrel nut.

Additionally, the wrench flats on our barrel nut are smaller than the exterior diameter of the barrel nut mating surface. This allows the hand guard to slide onto the barrel nut smoothly even if the flats on the barrel nut get damaged during the torquing of the barrel nut.

Finally, the rail has alignment/anti-rotation tabs that mate to the upper receiver which allow the installer to properly align the hand guard with greater ease during installation and which also keep the hand guard from spinning in the event the installer under-torques the barrel nut.

With the barrel nut and mounting hardware this 17" rail weighs in right at 15oz/426grams, making this extra long rail one of the lightest on the market.

**NOTE: These hand guards are designed to be used with a mil-spec upper receiver. As such, the anti-rotation tabs may not engage the upper properly if you are using a non-spec upper (such as billet upper that has a wider profile in the front).
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Price: $169.99
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