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Blitzkrieg Tactical Multi-Use Jig/Fixture For DPMS LR308 (.308/7.62x51) 80% Lowers
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Our jig was designed with compatibility and simplicity in mind. Our Jig is designed to work with "most" DPMS LR308 80% lowers.

This jig is a multi-use jig, meaning that it can be used multiple times providing the user uses care when they do their machining.

This is because the side plates have pressed in steel bushings and hardened steel top plates. The hardened steel components are more forgiving than the jigs out there that are made solely of aluminum. So minor mistakes won't cause catastrophic damage to your jig.

This jig is best for people who have a proper mill or high quality drill press. We include a "waffle" plate for the folks that are using the jig on a drill press.

This jig is compatible will all of the 80% lowers we sell.

We recommend using our tooling kit with this jig.

**NOTE: Lower(s) are not included with the purchase of the jig.

This jig is made in the USA on US made machines.
Regularly: $169.99
Price: $154.99
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