18" "Warlord™" Complete 5.56 Upper Receiver

Magpul Drop-In Complete Carbine Rifle Kit, 5.56/.223

Magpul Drop-In Complete Carbine Rifle Kit, 5.56/.223

Blitzkrieg Tactical Berzerker™ Rifle Kit

Blitzkrieg Tactical Free Float Berzerker™ Rifle Kit W/ Ergo Grip and MFT Stock
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Blitzkrieg Tactical Berzerker™ Rifle Kit

This item is built after the purchase and shipment can take up to 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase.

Kit Includes:

(1) Blitzkrieg Tactical Bezerker Complete Upper
(1) Forged Anodized, 7075 80% Lower Receiver
(1) Mil-Spec Lower Parts Kit, W/Billet Trigger Guard & Black Ergo Grip
(1) Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube Assembly W/ Black MFT Minimalist Stock

Below are the specs on the parts included:


This LPK comes with a mil-spec trigger group and mil-specs springs, detents etc. Billet Trigger Guard & Black Ergo Grip.


This lower starts its life as a mil-spec 7075 forging. From there we take the forging and machine it into a mil-spec 80% lower. After the machining process is done, we send it out to get Type III hard coat anodized (mil-spec anodizing). The rear pocket is cut on this lower.

All machining processes have been completed and within spec except for the following:

1. Milling out the receiver interior (Fire Control Cavity).
2. Cutting of the Trigger Slot (Trigger Through Hole)
3. Drilling of the Trigger Pin Hole
4. Drilling of the Hammer Pin Hole
5. Drilling of the Selector Hole

All other Machining process are complete to Spec, all other machine work has been completed.

Made of 7075 T6 Aluminium here in the U.S.A.

These lowers do have the rear pocket cut.



Black MFT Minimalist Stock
Forged 7075 Carbine Buffer Tube.
Machined (Not Cast) Castle Nut
High Quality Mil-Spec End Plate
Chrome Silaca, Black oxide coated Spring
Mil-Spec, Standard weight, black anodized carbine buffer.


The Berzerker complete upper receiver is a dominating force to be reckoned with. With an 16" 4150v QPQ Barrel, shooters are able to benefit from the durability of mil-spec steel with the accuracy retention of the QPQ finish.

Furthermore, the Super Skinny, light weight 15" M-Lok rail keeps the upper nice and light for those who shoot matches or plan on taking their rifle into the field.

TEST FIRE: Most other companies do not test fire their products, and if they do it is usually a "lot" test. We test fire each and every upper. We shoot three shots and do so in rapid succession. Test firing allows us to be confident that the upper we are sending you is ready to go out of the box. We do our test fires dry and recommend that you lubricate your upper prior to shooting it.


Barrel: (16") 4150v, QPQ treated, 1:7 Twist, (5.56 Chamber - Will Shoot .223 or 5.56), Carbine Gas System

Muzzle Device: Tune-able Octacomp

Upper: Blitzkrieg Forged 7075 Aluminim, Mil-Spec Tolerances

Gas Tube: Carbine Length, Stainless Steel

Gas Block: Steel, Low Profile, .750, QPQ treated

Charging Handle: Billet 6061, Extended Latch (Medium Profile)

Bolt Carrier Group: Blitzkrieg, Nickel Boron, M16 8620 Carrier, 9310 Bolt, No MIM Parts.

Hand Guard: Blitzkrieg Tactical "Super Skinny" M-Lok 15" Free Float Rail.

QPQ: This is an extreme case hardening process which turns the steel black and hardens the surface of the steel and extends the life of the product. QPQ stands for Quench Polish Quench. This process is now commonly used in the industry

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